2003 town and country van

Transmission shifting. it seems that the transmission shifts from first to second smoothly, yet at other times it slams into second. Dealer checked “module” ( I don’t have a clue what that is) and the computer and says everthing is okay. I told him that I also have an occasional hesitation or maybe an “old fashion engine miss” at idle or at any speed. He replaced the plugs, wires and did something to the timing, etc.

Still does it. ideas. please? I feel like an idiot when i talk to the dealer, because the problem doesn’t show up all the time.

Possible tranny problem.

You can try to fix this by having the tranny fluid and filter changed.

When my 2000 Olds Silhouette started to do that, I changed the fluid and filter and must have gotten lucky as that was three years ago and have had no problems since.

There was a little amount of grit in the fliter so perhaps that was the problem.

I was told that when this ‘harsh’ shifting occurs, there may be a worn pressure control solenoid. (in the tranny)

Unless you have an extended warranty from the manufacturer stay clear of the dealership.

Take the van to a reputable transmission shop. (preferably not a chain store)