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Transmission...or why is my car not moving when in drive?

Went out in the pouring rain, started okay, but fluttered. The drive light on the dash was blinking, when I accelerated it hardly moved…it got worse at each traffic light, by the time I reached my driveway which is on a slight incline she couldn’t even make it. It has done this in the past, but never so bad. Usually I’ll turn off the engine and after awhile it will drive fine and the blinking light stops. I recently had the speedometer fixed and the problem seems to have gotten worse…Please help!

Okay so to update my dilemma…After waiting an hour or so, it started without incident, no blinking dashboard light, accelerated when in drive and made it up the driveway incline. Why is this happening?

The real question is why have you posted 3 separate posts for the same question and not answered people on this forum who have asked you for more information!?

(e.g. has the transmission fluid been checked? Has it ever been changed?)

If you continue to drive a car that is exhibiting this type of transmission problem, you are likely to be increasing the repair bill by driving it.

The presence of a “flashing drive light” (actually, the Drive indicator on the shift quadrant) indicates that an electronic problem exists in the transmission. Continuing to drive with this condition will inevitably lead to a much more expensive mechanical problem in the transmisson.

I can virtually guarantee you that your Owner’s Manual has a statement to the same effect. However, only a mechanic on the scene can determine the actual nature of the problem, and that would include scanning the mystery car’s OBD system for trouble codes.

If I were you, I would do the following:

Check the transmission fluid’s level, color, and odor, and report back to us–in this same thread, rather than creating yet another disjointed thread–on your findings.
Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers for the name of an independent transmission shop in your area with which they have had good experience.
Have this mystery vehicle towed to that shop for evaluation.

Please stick to a single thread. Don’t start a new message, reply to the existing messages.

Oh Boy…So much has happened since last I posted. Well to begin with I replaced the transmission, waterpump, timing belt, brake cylinder and the distributor. She was given the royal treatment…or so I thought! Then I ventured out on a trip to the mountains thinking what could possibly go wrong? I did not consider the law of Murphy. I also got new speakers 'cause they had’nt worked for 2 years. Fifty miles out on the road and singing along to my favourite cd, the water gauge started to creep above halfway…then up it went till before hitting red I pulled over, I opened the hood and waited till she cooled down…The mechanic had checked all fluids TWICE on my insistance before I left. Well she was almost bone dry when I added the water and headed back to town. Next day the mechanic checked any outward signs of a leak and found nothing, I mean nada!
What next? Is it the dreaded cylinder head, gasget, engine? Please tell me how to proceed…I have spent every last dime and I’m unemployed. Thank you in advance, Mllegauthier