1993 plymouth acclaim transmission problems


now that my car has transmission fluid in it and it acted fine on the test drive after it was added, is it safe to drive it? or did it not having transmission fluid in it totally ruin it?


If the lack of transmission fluid caused a loss of drive while under way you may have smoked a clutch. If there was no drive after startup you are probably ok. What I would do is take it on circuits close to where you live. Move up to longer trips while still staying close to home. If you come across a no drive condition, allow the transmission to cool and try driving home in second. If second fails, allow the oil to cool and limp home in first. If the transmission fails by overheating or gross slipping, the transmission will probably have to be rebuilt. A thorough diagnosis should be done befoe the transmission comes out. Pressure check, filter change, valve body tightened, etc.

Let us know the outcome.


hey i have been drivin it and its actin fine i think i added the transmission fluid just in time. thank you so much for helping me out i really appreciate it!