Transmission Leaking From External Hose, New Clamps

Well if seepage is truly “no drops on the ground” then it’s seepage and not a leak.

Is it possible to replace the seal from outside of the transmission and not disassemble it? It might be a mute point if I cannot replace it from the outside.

Then leave it alone and don’t think about it again until it is leaking on our driveway/garage and you can easily wipe it up… or you are going to drive Yourself and Us crazy about nothing… don’t overthink it… just because you might need a band aid/bandage over your cat/dog scratching you, doesn’t mean you need emergency surgery…

Yes it can be done, but can YOU drive a seal in an uneven, hard to get to area, straight and make it not leak???

It is a mute point if it is not leaking also…

Too late for that.

Moot, not mute.


Yes you are correct sir, I even looked (checked spelling) it up but decided to type it the same way as YoshiMoshi3…

:wink: understood.

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Thanks for the reply guys. There’s a metal splash shield underneath the transmission and engine. So no fluid will leak onto the ground. But there was plenty of black oil stains on the metal splash shield. I didn’t take a photo of it while it was stained and dirty, but cleaned it off so I can see how quickly it’s leaking the next time I get underneath the car.

Would you consider it a leak, oil dripping onto the splash shield/apron underneath the transmission?

I get that seepage is normal, as things heat up and cool down, they expand and contract. So a little bit of fluid will seep out of joints, but not enough to drip off it.

Someone once told me that if it’s on the ground it’s a leak, and if it’s not on the ground it’s seepage.