Internal and External A/T Filters?


I have a 2014 Acura TSX, A/T, 2.4 L Engine, about 110 kmiles on it.

I had the “3” come up on the maintenance minder system, which is in the owners manual as “Replace transmission fluid”, the filter is not mentioned. Should I change the filter as well? I don’t see why not as it’s only a few bucks and looks pretty straight forward and easy to do. Upon going to order the part, I saw that the transmission also has an internal strainer in addition to the external filter. The internal strainer, looks a bit difficult to get to. I can’t find any details instructions on how to replace the internal strainer or videos showing how to do it, so I was just going to leave it alone, unless someone can point some good instructions or a video on how to replace it, while still leaving it in the car.

What’s the point in having both an external filter and an internal strainer? I don’t see the need for both. Interesting.

Second of all, I was just going to do a drain and refill, along with the external in-line filter. Will this suffice to “replace transmission fluid”? The instructions on shop key don’t mention hooking up a fluid exchange machine to completely remove the old fluid, so I don’t see why not.

Thanks for any help.

If you have been replacing the ATF every time it comes up on the maintenance minder, then you do not need to flush. Granted you don’t get all the old out but you don’t need to. When you do the drain and fill according to the maintenance schedule, you keep the ATF fresh enough for the transmission to last the life of the vehicle, plus some.

The filter is your choice but I would do it. The strainer is only there to keep big chunks from entering the valve body. The big chunks fall to the bottom of the transmission and stay there. You probably don’t have a pan so you can’t get to it anyway but it stays clean so no worries.

Hey thanks for the help. That’s what I thought. The external filter on this transmission is only two bolts and two hose clamps, and only a few bucks, so I figured why not.

The manual on this states that the internal filter is lifetime. You should change the fluid by drain and refill, drive for awhile and repeat two more times. Use only Honda transmission fluid. The manual will also state to never flush this transmission.

How about the ones in your engine?? You have both as well…

One probably eliminates the larger size particles, so they don’t clog the finer of the two filters. My home vacuum cleaner uses that same technique, a series of 4 filters, each a finer mesh than the one before.

Why use only Honda fluid?

Different transmission fluids have different friction modifiers which interact with the clutches of an auto trans. Honda transmissions don’t do well with formulas outside of Honda’s fluids. Reports of hard shifting has been reported using other fluids.

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Yep, Honda has a reputation for fragile transmissions, I would only use Honda brand fluid.