Transmission leak

Just had transission rebuilt and replaced two mounts a week ago. After a couple of days Transmission has started leaking very badly. 97 buick

riviera 3.8 super charged. please help.

take it back and have them fix it…should be warranteed

Has your car been in any accidents? The reason I ask is that it may be something is a bit off, and that may cause trouble into the future.

I REALLY hope for the OP’s sake that this rebuilding job was not done by AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or Mr. Transmission.

In addition to sub-par workmanship and high prices, these chains frequently seem to find a loophole for denying warranty coverage. Or, if they do repair it under warranty, it may need re-repairing again, and again, and again…until you get sick of going back to them.

If this was an independent shop, they will probably repair the leak free-of-charge.
If it was a chain operation…I wish you luck.

Whenever I’ve had work done, they wanted me back in a few weeks to check for leaks so yes take it back. They need to fix it.

Other than agreeing that you should take it back now, I would advise that you make sure the fluid is more than full before doing so.

Hopefully there will not, nor has been, any transmission slipping because of this. If so, back to square one.