87' Sentra A/T tranmission failing?

Hello Folks,

I need some sound advice. I have an 1987 Nissan Sentra that I had the A/T Transmission rebuilt.The internal parts was in prestiage condiation. However the gaskets gave out in the Trans due to the car sitting 5 years before I got it. However, I have started having problems with it again, 400 miles later.

Driving at speeds around 45-55MPH their is a strange vibrating/humming sound. I have taken it back twice for that but, the mechanics can not find anything matter with either the trans or the car. Then yesterday, I took the car out on the interstate and the transmission started vibrating excessively (I can feel the vibrating in the gas pedal), revving way up before going in gear ( the car does not have an RPM meter) in stop and go traffic, and transmission started getting really hot and the metal case had light smoke coming off it due to being so hot. Once, I got to the location I traveled to, I discovered that the transmission had leaked out of a lot of fluid. I put in the cars transmission about a whole quart. This fixed the shifting problem sorta. The car still shifted hard all the way home and still vibrated, and still the trans got very hot after an hour or so of driving. Once I got home, I checked the trans fluid and discovered that it was very burnt looking and that I have trans fluid covering all the way back to the end of my car. alone with smelling burnt. That is the story, thus far.

Why can the mechanic not locate the problem? Does anyone have an recommendation on what is matter with the transmission? Anyone’s best guess on this being worth fixing/ covered by the shops warranty?

Thanks for any help or words of wisdom.

Clarify for us. Is the mechanic who you refer to, the same person that rebuilt the trans.

And is this a trans shop that he works at, or is he an auto mechanic that sent the trans out for rebuild.

What I’ mgetting at, is that most mechanic shops have not the equiptment or expertize to rebuild a trans. So if this is your regular guy that does your brakes, tune up, etc., then he may have sent the trans to a shop that just rebuilds transmissions. He just pulled it out, sent it for repair and then put it back into the car.

Because it is leaking again, I think that you need to have it pulled out again and whoever rebuilt it…go over it again.

THe one thing that you did wrong though was to drive it after you found that it was leaking again. THat drive home probably fried that transmission again.


The mechanic, drove/towed the car to a transmission shop next store to his shop. So I worked through the mechanic, rather than the transmission shop.

I am planning on taking it in tomorrow after I rent a trailer to tow it in.

I was afraid, that driving it home was a bad choice. But being a college student and on a very tight budget with no other way home, I had little choice. Does this mean, I may have killed the trans for good?

Would this repair work be covered under the warranty?

Thanks for your help.

You’ll have to talk to the mechanic to see what the warranty from the tranny shop is.

I would think that they would honor the warranty if you only got 400 miles on the rebuild.
But that depends on the tranny shop. Let the mechanic fight it out with them.


If you paid the mechanic for the job then he’s on the hook even if he did farm the transmission work out to the transmission shop. As Yosemite said, it’s then his job to fight it out after squaring things up with you.

Hopefully this won’t turn into a dueling banjos mechanic vs. transmission shop with each pointing the finger at the other and leaving you stuck on the sidelines.

That is whats happening. So I am trying to decide what to do. Thanks for the advice.