Buick transmission

My 1991 Buick LaSabre has transmission problems. I can be driving along (fast ofr slow) slow down and stop, and then when I step on the gas the cas just sits there. I manually shift it into neutral, then into drive and it goes again. The problem started directly after a “major brake job”. The mechanic said I needed to replace the motor mounts and transmission. I bought a re-built with a 1yr. guarantee. It ran well for about 10 miles. I went back to the garage and they could not reproduce the problem, and said it did not exist. It’s now six weeks and 1,000miles later (not to mention the $3000), and the car is doing exactly the same thing again. The car has about 88,000 miles on it and has always been well maintained. Any thoughts? I don’t want to buy another transmission.

It sounds to me like the cable connecting your shift lever and the transmission is not adjusted correctly. It could be that the motor mounts they installed are not completely tight and things are moving around a little. I’d insist they ride with you to see the problem. You paid a lot of money and they owe you this much.

Why would you have to buy another transmission if you have a 1 year warranty?? Take it back, something is wrong and they need to correct it. I could list a whole bunch of things that could be causing your problem. The best thing to do is let them deal with it. If they cant figure it out tell them you want them to replace the transmission again.


Thanks for your input. That is the first suggestion I’ve heard that I might usree to get these guys to re-examine what they’ve done.