Transmission gone wrong

I have a 91 Mercury Grand Marquis, and recently the trans has been getting worse.

First it wouldn’t go in to Park, now it won’t go into reverse. The shifter just kinda slides back and forth. It will drive in 1st gear, but that’s it. Ideas??

The transmission on this car should have a good long life, but it was probably not maintained well. You need to go to a reputable independent transmaission shop (not a Chain) and get it evaluated. At the least it will need a fluid drain and filter change and adjustment. Budget $100 if no damge, budget $600 or maore if repairs are needed.

I had a similar problem on the same car. It was just that the linkage from the gear shift lever to the transmission was loose. It was one particular bolt, but I don’t remember which one. I would check for that myself, or take it to a good non-chain mechanic. I promise that if you take it to a chain transmission shop, this $5 problem will be turned into a $1500 problem. Please check out the linkage.