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Transmission for a Suzuki Esteem

I need a new tranny for a 1999 Esteem. I ordered one in Feb. they sent an automatic - I need a manual. Then they sent a manual and there was a production change so it was the wrong one. I am told there is only 1 available in North America. I have been waiting for 2 months. Now they tell me that if it isn’t here by thurs they are giving me my money back. But the car still isn’t fixed. Where can I get a transmission???

Did you ask around at transmission shops to see if anyone can rebuild yours?

Otherwise you can always go with a salvage yard tranny. As a manual its much less of a crap shoot than if it was an automatic. This is a very useful site:

Normally, a salvage yard is a good idea, but it might not be feasible with a Suzuki Esteem.
VERY FEW of these cars were sold in the US.

That seems to be for the 1.6 - but I took a quick look @ car-part & there are quite a few for 1.8L Esteem. Of course, in this case it can’t be any worse than what s/he’s looking at already :wink:

I’ve gone through a salvage yard to order it - 2 months ago. It is a 1.6. I did not ask about rebuilding it though. It does still run so maybe that is an option. Thanks