Who still sells new cars with manual transmissions?

Hi, All!

I am having a difficult time finding the answer to this question. Does anyone know?

In particular, I am looking to go back to Japan or - gasp! - to the USA for a good quality car with a manual transmission. I currently have a 2007 Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works and, while I LOVE to drive it, I HATE taking it to the shop. I haven’t had a regular oil change in years and this car is breaking my piggy bank.

I like to drive and really don’t want an automatic transmission. I owned various Mitsubishis for years before I got the Mini - primarily because it had a stick and (reportedly) good mileage and the Mitsubishis at the time didn’t have either.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Depending on what model it is, the dealers may not stock very many Manual Transmission cars. A friend was told he would have to order a Nissan Sentra with a manual because they didn’t have enough demand to keep them in regular stock.

Honda still makes Accords with manual transmissions. You can even get the V 6 in the coupe.

I believe that the list of manufacturers offering manual transmissions is longer than the list of manufacturers that don’t offer manual transmissions.

The Honda Fit is available with a manual.

Every automobile company has a build your own feature. You can see just what each model has plus options. Also after you decide if you like it the locator service will show which dealers have one to match or one close to what you want.

I am shopping for one right now. I have seen the list above, but good luck finding most of them on the lots. I have had good luck with Ford Focus and Mazda 3. There are quite a few stick shifts available. Honda civics are next. I have not shopped the smaller group, but sure there are a few.

VW, AUDI, BMW, Honda, Fiat, Ford, GM, etc, all offer manual transmissions on some models. The dealers don’t stock a lot of them but most dealers will get one for you in a few days.

You can get an Acura TL with a manual. Don’t know about the other models.

If you go to www.fueleconomy.gov you can check out your choice in a car to see if it is offered with a manual trans. There is no master list that I know of. Be a little skeptical of the models that show fuel mileage with auto transmissions equal to or better than manuals. Mfrs furnish mpg numbers to the feds with a little spot checking by the feds. As long as the mpg numbers are reasonable and equal to or less than what the feds might get with their test, there is no problem. It is in the auto mfr’s interest to sell more profitable auto trans cars so they want the fuel mileage number to look good.

My 09 Cobalt has an excellent manual trans, the first 5 speed that I have owned that can easily and quickly be shifted into second without gear grind when cold.

OP. Good on you for insisting on a manual transmission. The biggest seller econoboxes, Corolla and Civic, both are available with a manual transmissions I think. Corolla for sure. Corolla for 2014 anyway offers only a 6 speed, which in my opinion is too many gears to have to sift through each set of traffic lights every time you go to the grocery store. If you can find a car w/a 5 speed, I think that’s a better option. At least test drive a 6 speed before buying one in any event, make sure it isn’t to cumbersome. Buying a new car? You may have difficulty finding a manually equipped car on the new car lot. You’ll have to convince the dealership you aren’t buying unless the find you a manual, then they will likely locate one for you elsewhere and truck it to the dealership for you to test drive. I had to do that same thing when I purchased my Corolla new, and that was 20 years ago.

Not having a “regular oil change in years” as it’s described is certainly not contributing to automotive longevity.

@ok4450, I took it to mean that he hadn’t been able to get out the door for a regular $34.95 LOF service in years, that there was always some other needed maintenance or repair.

Let’s hope that’s what he meant

A 6 speed manual is a manual. You do not have to use all of the gears. I drive a 6 speed and normally skip 3rd unless I am in a 25mph speed zone. I rarely use 5th. I get up to 40mpg on open highway or interstate at legal speed in 6th.

True enough asemaster and db; maybe the LOFs always led to induction/fuel injection cleanings and windshield wiper fluid flushes… :slight_smile:

To get a manual legacy wagon the dealership where my brother lives had to get one from the other side of the state (at least the model he wanted) back in late 2006, Small cars such as the Civic only offers the LX trim or the sporty Si with a manual, Corolla it’s either the L(basic) or the S. Most of the Corollas in stock at my local dealer are CVT equipped.

Sporty models like a GTi or Mustang are more likely to be in stock with a Manual gearshift.

It would help quite a bit if we knew what sort of car you’re looking for (besides having a manual.) Most mfgrs. sell at least some of their models with manuals, especially inexpensive economy cars and sporty cars. Your current car, a JCW Mini kind of combines the two. If you want another moderately priced, but still sporty car from Japan or the US your options are limited. One obvious choice (or two, but they are about as close to identical as two cars can be are the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. They aren’t very powerful or quick, but handle well and look the part. Because they are being sold as sporty cars and don’t have gobs of power, I suspect manual versions should be fairly easy to find.

The Hyundai Veloster is another Asian possibility, though it’s only sporty in looks. If you want more power and handling and don’t mind loud and rough to go with it, the Mazdspeed3 is a pricier option. Much beloved of younger drivers so don’t buy a used one on a dare. If you aren’t that young you might make some interesting new friends. Maybe that works for you. Buy yellow if you’re that person.

Or just get a regular Mazda3 if you’re saner and/or cheaper. Finding a manual may be a little tougher, but it’s an excellent little car and has nicer styling inside and out for 2014 (not changed all that much mechanically, except you can get the 2.5l version of the SkyActiv engine in the higher trim models. Not really essential, but the gas mileage doesn’t drop off much, either, despite the increased power. Otherwise I recommend checking out your local dealers online. Some put their inventories online, though I’m not confident they’re always up to date. If nothing else it can give you a general idea of how many manuals they’re likely to have.

Subaru Impreza WRX. Or the STi if you want a real thrill.