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Transmission specifications

I feel pretty silly, but… My 1999 Subaru Impreza needs a rebuilt automatic transmission. I can’t find the specifications for it in the owner’s manual, and don’t know where else to look. Also, any assistance in selecting one great appreciated!


I would post my question on Ultimate Subaru Message Board. While there are several Subaru owners here, we don’t memorize specs and model numbers like several folks over there do. They are a friendly bunch.

Thank you!

You can generally find the information for your transmission in the owners manual or a repair manual such as a haynes or chiltons. You can also do a google search of your specific model ( Subaru Impreza GT/GLS ect ect ) and turn up your type as well and some sites will also have the option to put in your vehicles vin number and give you full details as to every aspect of your car.

My books show it to have a 4EAT (EC-8) transmission. What exactly is wrong with yours now???


It goes into reverse just fine, but intermittently (more often, now) it either jerks into drive, or won’t go in for a while (like a minute or 2 or 3). I followed the jayhawkroy’s advice and asked on the ultimate subaru message board. The responses there suggested trying Trans - X to start. If that doesn’t work, they had other ideas as well. I’m still open for any thoughts, though I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Trans - X will work.

Thanks to all of you for your help!

Additives rarely work and you should take the car in to have it checked out by having the pan dropped and checked for metal shavings. Also when was the last time you had the fluid and filter changed on the transmission? A clogged filter will cause this problem as well.

If you haven't changed your ATF in a while, I would do two or three drains about 200 miles apart. You will get out about 3.5 to 4 qts out each drain. At the last change, change the spin on ATF filter and add an additive. That may or may not help but it is a relatively inexpensive DIY solution for about $100 before you spring for a rebuild. If it fails in the meantime then you know what you have to do anyway.

Transman may have some other ideas and I would defer to his judgement.

Additives do not work, its like throwing a band aid on a howitzer wound.

Michele, from what you are describing it usually means one of two things, the converter draining back (Not likely in your case) or a leak in the forward drum, most likely in the piston seal/s. If this is a hard/ worn seal problem it can be verified by pouring something called Berrymans B-12 Chemtool in the trans. If the B-12 cures or greatly reduces the problem then you know you are looking at a leaking piston seal. If you have’nt used the Trans-x yet then dont use it. Get a can of Berrymans B-12 and pour it in and see how it does. Either way you are looking at an overhaul but this would confirm whats going on. The B-12 can be bought usually at Auto Zone, Wal Mart or Pep Boys. Heres what it looks like.

Let me know what happens.


It’s kind of strange -I took it to the shop, they took off the pan, said I need a new transmission. But now it’s not having problems. The folks at the Ultimate Subaru site suggest the Trans X, so now there’s conflicting suggestions. I’m going to talk with my mechanic, and I’ll definitely post when to let everyone know what happens.

Thanks so much for input and assistance!


"The folks at the Ultimate Subaru site suggest the Trans X, so now there’s conflicting suggestions"

I just want to point out that transman18 is a highly experienced transmission mechanic with a stellar reputation on this and other boards.
So compare that to what you know of the background of ‘The folks at the Ultimate Subaru site’.


I’ve not seen him comment when it wasn’t warranted, and apparently correct, and I thank him for his corrections to me, too. :slight_smile: I’ve change some of the things I do based on his input (and any research has backed up his claims).


Sorry to be so long in replying. My mechanic suggested putting in shudder fix and Lucas Transmission conditioner. A friend helped, and we drained some of the transmission fluid, then added those. It’s better, but not fixed, though I was told it may get better as the additives circulate. I think you’re right, Transman, that it will need an overhaul. Finances right now are slim, so I’m hoping it will hold out a while longer while I save up for it.

Thanks to everyone who has helped!


STAY AWAY FROM LUCAS!!! It will cause more problems than it will help. DO NOT PUT THAT GOOEY MESS IN YOUR TRANSMISSION…


Come on Transman! How is Lucas going to sponsor all of those competition events if no one buys their overpr…uh, reasonably priced products? :wink:


Too late for the warning, anyway, it’s already done…good info for “next time”, though…