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Manual Transmissions - where are all the rebuilt standard transmissions?

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 V6 short cab, short bed, with a 5-speed standard trans.
I want to buy a rebuilt or remanufactured trans, but there seem to be none available.
Where can I get one?
A reliable resource in the US would be much appreciated.

Google “transmission rebuilders”. I just did and got a whole list of rebuilders. I haven’t used any of them, so I can’t comment with a recommendation, but they are there.

Today, not enough manual transmissions in service to provide a market…Your only option is to buy a used one from a salvage yard or have yours rebuilt…

I know a good rebuilder in Fairfield CT, if that helps.

I’d check for a used one, I’d be pretty cofindent buying one, compared to an AT.

@texases I wouldn’t be too confident about buying any used transmission. What if the synchros are wasted?

@db4690 - true, but I’d feel OK buying one if I could put my hands on it, see that the input and output shafts rotated smoothly, and that it shifted smoothly. And I’d get it from a reputable parts house. Not much I could check by hand with an automatic transmission.

But there’s a risk, sure.

The lack of rebuilt manuals is likely due to low demand and the prohibitive cost of internal parts. By the time a manual is opened up one may find chipped gears, worn main/countershafts, shift forks, etc. along with the ho-hum synchronizer sets and bearings.

Most higher gears are machined as a matching set to hold down gear whine and even a bare 3/4 gearset alone can be very pricy.

I ran into this problem a few years ago with a Dodge Dakota. It was also a five speed. A good friend of mine, who runs one of the largest auto salvage yards in the Southeast, could not even locate one. After I found a transmission shop that would rebuild it…the price was so high that I just sold the truck for parts and bought another truck.

Looks like there’s a fair number of these on, priced $750-$1100 for the most part. Closest one to Dallas is 130 miles.

Jasper is a quality engine rebuilder. They also do other stuff; transfer cases, differentials, manual and auto transmissions. Their site is