Transmission fluid

A ‘quick oil place’ mistakenly drained my transmission fluid, and replaced four QTs with KEN VERTRANS +2 +4, now creating a mixture with the F type that was already in there. Does anyone know if this will be harmful to the transmission?

What model year is this Saab? I would find it relatively strange to have Type F fluid used in a relatively modern car. This is an older spec fluid.

Here is what they used. It is compatible with Saab fluids.

Kendall? VersaTrans ATF is a premium quality, part-synthetic transmission fluid specially designed for use in automatic transmissions in most passenger cars and light trucks. It has been extensively field tested for use in most North American vehicles and in a wide variety of European and Japanese vehicles.

VersaTrans ATF has carefully balanced frictional properties for smooth shifting and excellent anti-shudder performance. It has high shear stability and excellent oxidation resistance for long service life. It provides excellent wear protection, helps protect against sludge and varnish formation, and has excellent low-temperature properties for easier shifting in cold weather. The part-synthetic formulation provides enhanced performance benefits compared with conventional, all-mineral transmission fluids.

VersaTrans ATF meets the requirements of the JASO 1A performance standard developed by Japanese automakers for service fill automatic transmission fluids.

VersaTrans ATF is recommended for use in the following applications:
? Chrysler automatic transmissions, except continuously variable transmissions (CVTs)
? Ford automatic transmissions where MERCON?V or an earlier-generation MERCON? fluid (obsolete) is specified
? GM automatic transmissions in 2005 and earlier vehicles, except those that require DEXRON?-VI for warranty coverage, or a CVT fluid
? Many import vehicles, including Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Saab, Saturn, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo(1)

The aforementioned car is a 1988 turbo 900, not so modern. Recommended type fluid is F.

Right now I have a 50-50 mixture of F and Versatrans, as they drained then added four quarts only.

I’d dump it and put in whats recommended by manufacturer.

You probably now realize why these 'quick lube ’ places are not recommended here.

Did more research to refresh my memory. Type F is not compatible with any other fluid. Primary difference is that it is non-friction modified and most other ATFs have friction modifiers.

Two choices: 1. Take the car back, show them that Type F is required and have them do a fluid exchange with Type F fluid only. 2. Go to a trusted transmission shop; have them do the fluid exchange and then go to quick lube and demand reimbursement for the fluid exchange, based on the cost incurred.

The quick lube tried to take the easy way out rather than obtain the correct Type F for your car (although the narrative info at Conoco Phillps website for the fluid they did use is implies it is compatible with Saab transmissions).

I checked out the Conoco Phillips website, and none of their ATFs are Type F. The current fluid mix you have is not acceptable. Other major brands make Type F and that is what should be used, assuming the your Saab requires it.

At some point SAAB changed the fluid recommedation but I just flat don’t remember the year.
Older SAABs did indeed use Type F fluid and while the KVT may not harm anything, I think they should have used what was originally recommended; the Type F.

Compare the price of Type F against the KVT and odds are the KVT is considerably higher priced. Maybe the facility used the KVT because of commanality applications and the biggest factor of all; more of a markup.

Just curious, but what did they charge you per quart for the KVT?

My regular guy was out sick for a scheduled oil change, so went in a pinch before a trip (first time since owning the car)…NEVER AGAIN!

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

No charge, because they drained the transmission by mistake (while trying to change the oil). Obviously they refilled it with whatever they had on hand. What bothers me most is that now it is a mixture of two types of fluid…I see they added four qts of versatrans; The saab 900 tranny takes 8 qts of fluid, total.