Transmission fluid

what type of trans. fluid is required on 1991 civic

HondaMatic Fluid Type Z1. Dexron / Mercon can be used in an emergency as long as it’s drained as soon as possible…

When I see stuff like this, I always figure they are trying to cover up or mitigate a design problem by using a trick lubricant to try and hold things together until the warranty expires…

Automatic Transmission Fluid - Z1 08200-9001 6512628 The only ATF specifically formulated for use in Honda A/Ts. Don?t use any other ATF.

Manual Transmission Fluid 08798-9031 4928271 The only MTF specifically formulated for use in Honda M/Ts. Don?t use any other MTF.

Manual or automatic transmission?


what type of trans. fluid is required on 1991 civic w/ automatic trans.

Listen to Caddyman.

you can use castrol multi-import ATF. it’s cheaper than honda’s fluid and is made for hondas (except CVT’s), toyota, nissan etc… I’ve had it in my camry for two years and my honda for 1 year. no issues. Don’t let honda scare you or anyone else. Castro is fine in the trans if auto.

Because of the different material used in Honda Friction plates, regular fluid like Dexron will cause harsh shifting. If you’re going to use Dexron, It’s important that you add a bottle of LubeGard’s Red Stuff additive. In some cases where some people haven’t serviced their Honda’s and started incountering harsh shifts, we’ve added LubeGard and the smoothness returned. This stuff also help with transmission sometimes having a clutch chattering problem with the torque converter clutch.

You’d be wise to use only Honda manual or automatic transmission fluid in this car. It may cost slightly more, but it will prevent transmission problems, and you don’t want transmission problems.