70's Ford Power Steering Fluid: Type F OK?

The owner’s manual for this 1970’s Ford with auto tran and power steering says to use Type F auto-transmission fluid for the transmission, but to use something different (Power Steering Fluid Spec ESW M2C128 A) for the power steering pump. The Chilton’s manual says to use Type F auto tran fluid for both the auto tran and the power steering.

Any guidance on this?

Back then, virtually all power steering systems got Dexron ATF without any problems…But thousands of Fords got filled with Type “F” and they did just fine too…

I always used Type F fluid in the power steering unit when I owned older Fords. Hell I didn’t even know they made power steering fluid until maybe 10 years ago.

You should appreciate this one. We had problems with a rebuilt steering box on a Ford van. I read the fine print on the steering fluid bottle, & it said “for top-offs, not for complete refills”. For refills, ATF was recommended by Ford. In the end, the rebuilt box was bad.