ATF Transmission Fluid Type, ATF, ATF+3, ATF+4

This if for a 1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 with automatic and 27K miles. I’m doing a trans fluid and filter change.

Is Regular ATF labeled fluid the same as ATF+4 ?

The bottle says its ok in Chry.Co. vehicles but I have read on here only to use ATF+4

I know ATF+4 replaced ATF+3 a few years back

I bought ATF because I didnt see ATF+4. But I didnt do the fluid change yet because I’m not sure about this.

Thanks !

All Chrysler four-speed and six-speed automatic transmissions* are very sensitive to the quality of the transmission fluid. Only use the ATF+4 in these transmissions. Do not use Dexron or Mercon.

Several companies now sell “universal” fluids. If they state that they are compatible with ATF+4?, they may work well, especially for those unsure of which fluid to use. The Center for Quality Assurance warned us to check the label for Chrysler?s license number, and to make sure the fluid is on their list of ATF+4? licensed and tested fluids.

If you purchased a universal fluid meeting the ATF+4 spec, then you are OK. “Regular” ATF (Dexron, Mercon, universal) comes in many types, so that term is generally not meaningful in ATF discussions. Heed the allpar warning about making sure the correct spec is in fact listed for the universal type. If you are risk-averse, get the real stuff.

What I have does say “safe for use in all chrysler vehicles” but it doesnt say ATF+4 on the label.

Which fluid do you have, exactly? Have you gone to the maker’s web site? They usually have more info.

Brand you purchased and whether is says it is a universal TF would be helpful. If a major brand, their website may be more informative than what is on the bottle. If there is any doubt at all, return it and get real ATF+4. An AT is too expensive to cheap out on.

It is Pennzoil

On the front it says “ATF Multi-Vehicle - Suitable for most cars and trucks made after 1983”

The back label says “It is also suitable for use in Chrysler vehicles except those with a NAG1 automatic that requires Shell 3403 ATF”

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I am looking at Allpar and Pennzoil sites now too.

As far as I can tell, the ‘NAG1 automatic’ is a transmission used on their RWD cars (300, Magnum, Challenger, etc.), so at least that limitation doesn’t apply to you.

A Pennzoil exceptions sheet from

indicates that your vehicle is not listed as an exception (mostly Dodge Sprinter van requiring the Shell 3403 ATF).

However, the Center for Quality Assurance, Midland, MI (who profits from the licensing procedure) states these are the only officially licensed brands for ATF+4. Note that none are UTFs or MTFs:

Advance Auto Parts ATF+4?
Carquest ATF+4?
Castrol ATF+4?
Chevron ATF+4?
Citgo Transgard ATF+4?
Coastal ATF+4?
Conklin ATF-Xtra Plus ATF+4?
Formula Shell ATF+4?
Great Wall ATF+4?
Havoline ATF+4?

MAG 1 ATF+4?
Mobil ATF+4?

Mobil Super ATF+4?

Mopar ATF+4?
MotoMaster ATF+4?
Northland ATF+4?
O?Reilly ATF+4?
Parts Master ATF+4?

Parts Plus ATF+4?

Pennzoil ATF+4?
Petro-Canada ATF+4?
Quaker State ATF+4?
Ravenol ATF+4?
Sinopec ATF+4?
Super Tech ATF+4?
Texamatic DC ATF+4?
Ultramax ATF+4?
Valvoline ATF+4?

Warning! Use Only ATF+3 Or ATF+4, Whichever Is Specified By Chyrysler Or Supersedes The Other! Does This Car Specify ATF+3 Or ATF+4?

I have even had transmission shops give me wrong information on this topic. Don’t listen to any advice about substituting fluid. Use only fluid specifically marked as ATF+3 or ATF+4!

One size fits all or universal fluid will compromise the transmission and will probably cause it to slip or slur shifts.

You’ve only got 27,000 miles on it. Why chance it and risk screwing it up? Either put in the correfct fluid or leave it alone.


Thanks !

Drivetrain: 41TE four-speed electronic automatic transaxle


I have 02 piece trash cruiser. Got atf+4 like called for. Is all atf4 the same. Got at orielys atf4. Put in car. Now makes a humming noise high rmp ruff shift. Put lucus hard shift/slipping. Reading find noise. Says dont add conditioner. So guess have to redrain do over. On orielys site atf4 i have say not compatible for dodge ram. Is there differant atf4 says for formly known as Chrysler?

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If in doubt of fluid, buy it from the dealer.

O’Reilly ATF +4 is for Chrysler products and is OK to use in your PT Cruisers transmission;

“O’Reilly ATF+4® is a high performance, synthetic fluid which provides significant reduction in component wear, superior temperature performance, consistent shift quality, and exceptional friction modifying properties for automatic transmissions in Chrysler®, Jeep®, and Dodge® vehicles.”