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Where did the fluid come from? Phantom Transmission leak

So I went outside yesterday, an hour after getting home from an hour drive. I find a PUDDLE of transmission fluid under my car. The only place WET under the car, however, is under the passenger side (where the antifreeze is). When the flat bed tow truck arrived and lifted the car onto the truck, there was a line of fluid that leaked out where the car was pulled onto the bed at an angle.

When I spoke to the mechanic this morning he said he can’t find a leak anywhere. My transmission fluid is full as is my antifreeze.

So where did the leak come from and why isn’t it happening now?

Oh… and the fluid under the car was greasy and pink… so I know it wasn’t water

Where Are You Checking The Coolant Levels ? Recovery Reservoir ? Radiator ?
Have You Checked The Power Steering Fluid ? Some Cars Even Use ATF In The P/S Steering System.

You need to check all fluids, everywhere. This car isn’t making fluid or if it is you might have a “goldmine” on your hands.

Has this car received any service recently ?

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