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Leaky Transmission

I am losing transmission fluid at about a quart in just under a week. But the only reason i know this is by checking it and my transmission “hesitateing” for lack of better word. There is no puddle or fluid on the ground. Well there is but it is power steering fluid. Its like almost all my fluids decided to leak at the same time. well except my oil. but my question is whre the heck is my transmission fluid going. Im taking it to a mechanic I trust today but his shop stays quite busy and it may take him a day or so to get back to me. In the mean time I thought I would ask for ur opinion. Thanx in advance.

Unfortunately there is no way to say without an inspection. There are LOTS of different places it can be leaking from. So I think you just need to wait to hear from your shop.

BTW: some kinds of leaks will only be bad when running/driving. There’s a good chance that a lot of that trans fluid is plastered to the underside of your car. The rest will be along the roadways and parking lots.

One thing you can do is check your coolant for contamination. Cooling lines from your trans probably run thru the radiator, and they can leak there. Since you’ve apparently been checking your trans fluid I’m just assuming you might have noticed coolant contamination there. What color is your fluid?

In addition to what cigroller said, it could be the modulator valve too. It operates on engine vacuum, and if it has started leaking, the engine can suck trans fluid into the intake (i.e. no visible leak).

Are you sure you’re checking the trans fluid in exactly the same way every time? a little deviation in the temp of the fluid can make a big difference in how it reads.

How about a little more information so we know what transmission we are dealing with. Lets start with a year and engine size of your cutlass.