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Transmission fluid leak after dead battery

So 2 times this winter my van didn’t start due to cold once and a dead battery the second time. Both times the same day it happened after getting it running again I noticed leaking trans fluid. First time was from a cooling hose, now 2nd time I can’t find the location of the leak yet. Are the situations connected somehow? Will I need to get it replaced or is it some how due to not enough power?

The transmission leaks has nothing to do with the battery if that is what you are asking. I don’t see worrying about this right now as your other thread says the vehicle will not start. What year and how many miles on the Dodge Caravan . If you did run this out of oil the expense to fix this thing may not be justified.

It’s 2 different vehicles. Fun winter. 2015 caravan 150k on it

I know it wouldn’t be because of the battery. But the timing that both times same day it died had me wondering if it was connected somehow or just bad luck