Transmission fluid dipstick

4 cylinder manual transmission is difficult to shift into reverse. WHere is the dipstick to check fluid level and color of fluid? Is there another reason difficult to shift into reverse? Truck has 210K on it and is 2WD. I have looked but can not find a dipstick for transmission fluid.

There is no dipstick for the manual transmission. To check the fluid level remove the plug above the drain plug and watch if any gear oil runs out. If not, add gear oil until it starts running out of the hole.


Try shifting into reverse with the engine “off”. If it shifts easy then you have a clutch release problem. It can be air in the clutch master/slave cylinder, low fluid level or bad master/slave cylinder. A good mechanic can determine the problem quickly for you.

If it “grinds” going into reverse and “resists” going into first, the clutch is dragging (not releasing completely). At 210K miles, most stick shifts are ready for a new clutch. But check the clutch fluid first…

I had a 5 speed in a Ford Ranger and new fluid (ATF) made all the difference in shifting.

I would suppose most are the same, drain out the bottom plug, fill to the top plug. You may need a special spout or squize bottle to fill it with as the space can be tight.

How about telling us the model year of your Ford Ranger?