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Ford Ranger won't shift?

My Ford Ranger just decides not to shift into 1st or reverse - no warning one minute she is fine the next I have to turn her off to shift her into 1st and reverse -no other gear. If I get an oil change she seems fine until it happens again - but changing the oil shouldn’t have any thing to do with this right?

Manual transmission?


yes v6 5sp

No, an oil change should not matter.

First, have your clutch bled. There may be air in the clutch hydraulic system. Have the oil level in the transmission checked while you (or the mechanic) is under there. You might consider changing the manual trans oil as it may have gummed up the synchronizers.

If none of that (cheap money) helps, the clutch may be on its way out (not so cheap money).

Thank you the clutch was replaced already, and all the lines have been checked - it is so weird

Go under the dash where the clutch pedal rod passes thru the firewall, and pull the carpet back to see if hydraulic fluid is leaking down the firewall.


Thanks - will do next time I drive… I rarely drive preferring two wheels to four.

They might be refilling the clutch reservoir during the service, is it low now?

I wouldn’t know where to find it and that isn’t listed on my invoice.

Look under your hood, on the firewall passenger side (IIRC). Little plastic ‘bottle’ with a screw on lid.

nothing leaking all full - I can’t figure this out and neither can any one else