94 ranger w mazda manual transmission stuck in reverse

My transmission has recently locked itself up in reverse. The shifter can easily shift through 1st-5th but if i attempt to drive forward it is still in reverse and works against each other. If shifter is left in neutral position it is still in reverse. If i push the clutch in the truck will move freely. I have taken the cover off of the tranny and all of the gears appear undamaged. It was dry however, and i replenished the trans fluid but it still is stuck in reverse. baffled.

With the top off you should be able to see how to pull the reverse shifter to the neutral position. If it is difficult to move have someone push the truck forward to get it rocking while you keep pressure on the shifter. Your shift lever is likely shot and once in neutral a new one will drop into place and all will be well.

Pull the shifter out while in neutral and you may be able to slide the reverse shaft into a neutral position. The shifting finger slipped off when taking it out of reverse. This will happen again but less often if you get the clutch pedal fully depressed when shifting into or out of reverse.

You should notice if the catch on the reverse shaft is damaged or loose. It is much easier to notice how this system works if you remove the tail housing, but you don’t have to do that. You do have to remove the shifter at least.