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Ranger 2011 stiff manual transmission

I have a 2011 Ranger with four wheel drive, a manual transmission and 34000 miles on it. The transmission gets very stiff after sitting for a while. At the worst I can’t get it into first or reverse at all without hunting through all the other gears to find one it will shift into to get things moving. Is this normal for this vehicle or should I worry?

Prof Young

No that is not normal. Did you just acquire this vehicle or have you had it a while and it has always behaved this way ? Does it work fine after warming up. Have you checked fluids in clutch and transmission. Answer these questions and provide a few more symptoms to receive decent answers.

And is the oil level full? You may need to remove a plug fitting on the side of the transmission.

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Does it shift easily when the engine is off?
If so it could be the clutch isn’t fully disengaging.
That would point to a bad master or slave cylinder.

Hunting through other gears first doesn’t get things moving it is actually getting things to stop. The clutch is dragging. Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder.

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