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Transmission Fluid Additive

I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica 2Wd model with all the bells and whistles (except sunroof). It has 48000 mi on it. I seem to remember hearing that there is a transmission fluid additive requirement at some point. Do you change the fluid out and add or do you just add the mystery fluid to the existing swill? Also where can you get it? Dealer only?

Most knowledgeable people will not recommend transmission fluid additives, nor does the manufacturer; just change the fluid and filter every 50,000 miles or so. This service may not be in your owner’s manual, but we recommend it anyway for long transmission life. AVOID A TRANSMISSION FLUSH, as offerd by tire and other fast service shops; these flushes often do more harm than good.

I believe this was a Chrysler mandated additive per the manufacturer

Interesting; this is the first time I’ve heard of a transmission fluid additive recommended. Chrysler used to often recommend an oil additive to help the valve gear in their engines.

Having said that, I think OP would do best to change the fluid and filter at this mileage.

If (and only if) it is really recommended by Chrysler (not the dealer) it will be in the owners manual. Otherwise only use ATF+4 in the transmission. Anything else, and you will be coming back here in the near future asking about what you should do now that the transmission is slipping, etc. Chrysler transmissions are very finicky about the fluid, and one should not mess around with other mystery additives.

I dont know of any required additive for Chryslers, unless they were referring to a friction modifier in the case Dexron is used instead of the factory ATF+4. Drop the pan and change the fluid and filter every 25-30k and use only Chrysler ATF+4 when refilling and your transmission should last a long time. If you want to use an additive, the only one I would recommend along with lots of other transmission techs is one called “Lube Gard”. Use the one in the RED bottle, it is a conditioner. All my rebuilds have a bottle of this added before it leaves the bench.


Simple answer. Look in the glove box. You should find a Bible. It will be called “Owner’s Manual.” It will have THE answer.

I will suggest changing the transmission fluid and filter at about 50,000 miles. I would generally do this even if it is not noted in the Bible. Be sure to get the fluid type specified for your car.

Great info people, I will go forth and consult the Biblcal referrence (owners manual) and do as it says, not as I wish!!!

Silvergc1 and transman have given you the proper info. ATF+4 and filter changes are what will keep your transaxle happy.