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Non-Turkey Roasting Thanksgiving question

I needed to add some oil to the car (2001 model) I was loaning a friend and realized too late we had opened a can of transmission fluid and poured about a cup of it into the car…now what? I suspect it will need to be drained right out, but no one is open today for that kind of help. Is it safe to drive the car at all, like 1 mile or 2 to the gas station tomorrow or do I call AAA?


That’s about 5% of the total oil capacity. You’ll be fine for a short distance; maybe even more. But I agree with being conservative and changing the oil soon.

Transmission fluid is just 10 weight oil with a higher detergent content. I wouldn’t worry about it.


One cup of trans fluid in your car shouldn’t hurt a thing. I’d top off with motor oil to the proper level and keep driving.

Agree with the others. Take no action, just drive.

Just drive on. I have added ATF to oil to clean sludge and varnish with some success for years.

Who knows, it might even help a little, but I wouldn’t make a habit of using ATF in an engine, but a little won’t hurt.

I agree with the general consensus. No need to worry since transmission fluid is little different than the stuff you normally run in there, but with red dye and more detergents. Finish the top-off with the proper oil and motor on.

I heard on a local car show 1 mechanic does a 3 qt oil to 2 qt trans to help eliminate sludge. 3 - 500 mile treatments and good to go due to extra additives in trans fluid. No problem agreed.

Marvel Mystery Oil has been used in engines forever and is not a whole lot different from trans fluid. My vote is with others; motor on without worry.