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Transfer case cable

I am in need of a transfer case shift cable for a 1994 Chevy S-10 LS pickup. The GM part number is 15672784. This is not the actuator cable; this is the cable that connects from the floor shifter directly to the transfer case. Apparently, it is no longer manufactured. I can get lots of other parts from the store for the truck, but not this cable. I have been trying to find one at wrecking yards, used parts dealers, on Craiglist, and on forums on Facebook for about 6 months, with no luck. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to get ahold of this cable, before the wrecking yards cut it to remove the transfer case? Thanks for your help.

are you looking on ebay . . . ?!


A shop that deals with vintage or custom motorcycles might be able to make something that will work.

The 15672784 cable was a “1st design” that was replaced by a “2nd design” cable, original part # 15990301, superceded by # 15997264. The second design cable is still available, however it may not work with the original shift lever. The 2nd cable was for use with shift lever part # 15990300 , which is also discontinued but may be easier to find used. The second design was used through 1997.

Just looked it up on AutoZone and O’Reilly’s .
Available from Dorman . . #600-601
They’re calling it 4WD Actuator cable . . $ 26.00

“This is not the actuator cable”

‘‘You say tomato , I say tomaahto’’ . .
I don’t know of any other cable.

Me neither, but the OP seems sure it’s some other cable…

Rereading his post, and @Bugmenot 's reply, it sounds like it’s the shift cable for the AT.

This is not the actuator cable; this is the cable that connects from the floor shifter directly to the transfer case.

The actuator cable is available but not the cable from the 4WD shift lever to the transfer case. Number 7 is the actuator cable;

As shown in Nevada_545’s picture, the actuator cable connects a vacuum actuator to the front differential. This operates a shift mechanism that locks the right side axle to the differential right side output. The axles freewheel when not “actuated”.

Thanks for the discussion on the cable. What I really need is some help in locating one. Can anyone give me an idea on how to put out a mass message to wrecking/recycle yards? I have been contacting them one at a time, with no luck, so it would be nice to contact many at one time.

I would use the cable for the following years described by Bugmenot. I recall the cable to be 5mm longer than the 1995 cable, I don’t know if that is overall length or cable actuation length but I would make the necessary adjustments to make it work. Perhaps replacing the shift lever assembly would make the later cable a direct fit.

When I broke a cable that was not available any more I took it to a marine repair shop and they made a me a cable that worked perfectly. IIRC it wasn’t all that expensive.

Finding one of these cables might be like finding a unicorn, on Mars, in a parallel universe.

To search for and/or request used parts from salvage yards across the country, try visiting

In order to request a part through this site, a search must first be done. For a 1994 Chevy Truck S10, search for “Floor Shift Assembly” or “Shifter Assembly (Floor)”. They don’t have a specific search category for the cable. On the search results page, click the “Request Quote” button at the top of the page. You can add specific info about the cable you are seeking in the “Additional Information” section of the request form.

For the heck of it, I did a search for 1995-1997 S10. Several T-case shifters are available if you end up needing to convert to the later shifter and cable, assuming that’s possible.

Bugmenot, thank you for your help. I sent out a request for a quote…hopefully it will get some hits! I had tried this site before, but I was requesting on the Transfer Case search. Of course, I had hits for a transfer case, but not the cable. Thank you again!

Still hoping for some help with locating the transfer case shift cable. Anyone else have some ideas?

I take it you haven’t tried Pvt Pub suggestion. Most scrap yards have search networks.

If all else fails

send what’s left of the old one and have it duplicated.