Shift Cable for Early 90s Camaro

A friend is having trouble finding a shift cable for an early 1990s Camaro 6 with Auto. The dealer seems not interested in finding one. Are there any mail order sites that might have such an item.

I’m sorry, what is this ‘mail order’ of which you speak?

Rockauto looks like they have it, as does RicksCamaros.

@texases “Mail Order” means you order it online and it gets delivered by mail, since it’s hard to get it through the co-axial cable of my computer.

Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll try those.

Many years ago the shift cable on my youngest son’s '88 Camaro broke and I got one from AutoZone for about 25 bucks.

The cables should be the same up through '92 at least. The '93 was a different body style so the cables may have changed then.

@ok4450 Thanks, I was not aware they were unchanged till 92. $25 seems a good price even though it will no doubt have increased.

Advance Auto has B&M shift cables for the 1993 Camaro for $59; on line purchase only.

If shift cable has broke, check to make sure grounds are good.

@petepeters thanks for the advice.