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Chevy S10 Transfer Case 4wd Indicator Light

Hello. '95 Chevy S10 4.3 V6 4x4, 179,000 miles. I just had a clutch job done due to the throwout bearing breaking. Got it back and it works great except the 4wd indicator display doesn’t work now. I had the work done out of state, it will be a hassle to take it back for this so I thought I’d try fixing it myself first. Called the mechanic for info and he just said he’d have to look at it.

It is a manual trans with the 4wd shifter on the floor next to the stick shift in the same console. It has a display behind the console that lights up with the mode indicator and a diagram of the drive train that lights up. None of the lights are on in the display, so it’s like there’s no power going to it.

I peeked under the console and it looks like everything is plugged in, fuse is good also. Checked all the switches I could find on the drive train and can’t see anything disconnected. It has a 4wd indicator lamp switch on the transfer case and another on the front differential. I’m thinking maybe one of these switches went bad, don’t know what else to look at. I don’t know if I should replace the transfer case switch or the differential switch or both, don’t know what else to look at. The switches look easy to replace.

Oh, the 4wd still works fine otherwise, just no display. Thanks for any suggestions.

When the transmission-transfer case were removed to replace the clutch, a small wiring harness was disconnected (or broken) that links the switches to the display box. HERE is where you will find the problem…

Thanks. I guess I need to look at the wiring again better before throwing switches at it. I didn’t take the console completely off. I don’t see any way to remove the 4wd lever knob. There’s no lock nut or clips under it. My Haynes manual is no help here. Do I need to remove this or is it more likely under the truck?

It will be under the truck. Leave the console alone. There will be a wiring pigtail coming out of the console area, connected to the switch on the T-case…

Thanks for the help. I’ll crawl under there again with my light and look around.