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Removing a 1994 Ford F-150 transfer case shift linkage removal help


As the title implies, I’m taking out the manual transfer case from a 1994 Ford F-150. The Chilton Shop Manual that I own is vague when it comes to removing the shift linkage. Specifically, it says “Remove the retaining rings and shift rod from the transfer case shift lever.” I realize this doesn’t say anything about the linkage, but I can’t see how the transfer case can be removed without disconnecting the linkage from the transmission housing as well, and this is the only step in the book that even seems to relate.

I assume the “shift rod” is the actual handle I hold when shifting, so I removed that, but I can’t figure out what the rest of that statement even means. I’ve attached some pictures of the linkage as well. Please note the following:

  1. the two connections that allow the movement of the actual linkages aren’t bolt-nut connections, they’re actually rubber caps that I can’t seem to remove without destroying (but these seem more like permanent connections)

  2. The star bolts that are connecting the linkage base to the transmission housing can’t be removed because the top bolt doesn’t clear the frame (I take this to mean that it’s only meant to be removed when the transmission is removed).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

In your right hand picture is a connecting link (The rod) that connects the shift lever you see in the cab to the lever on the transfer case…

Why do you want to remove the T-case?

Depending on the design, with many of these, you remove the transmission and T-case as a single unit…

Use a large pry-bar to remove the link. It is just a nylon bushing–warming it up may make it easier. It is the same bushing as used in the transmission linkage so if you screw it up just visit a trans shop. They should have oodles of these around as they usually come in overhaul kits.