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Trans problems

I have a 96 prelude that wont stay in 5th gear cant even hold it in

Manual transmission?

Either the syncro is gone for fifth gear or a transmission case bearing is worn out.


Wich one would be easier to replace

Doesn’t matter. The transmission needs to be disassembled.

It’s easier to install a used transmission.


Thats what ill prob do thanks

Of course, you can also pretend its just a 4 speed for about as long as you want to.

I would be worried about installing a used Prelude transmission, for several reasons

Any Prelude is pretty old by now
A lot of Preludes were driven REALLY hard
A lot of Preludes were running heavily modified engines, so I’ll assume the transmissions were working harder than they were supposed to

When im in fourth doing 65 im about 4000 rpms isant that bad on the motor

What bolt do i pull out to check the fluid in my trans the fill bolt or what cause i pulled the one that the ratchet goes into and barely any fluid cam out

If that bolt is at or near the bottom of the transaxle case. I think you found the problem.

It is at bottom but how i check the fluid

Um, it appears you don’t have any appreciable amount of fluid, and that’s the root of the problem. There should be a similar bolt higher up on the case though which you check and fill the fluid. If you have lived a really honorable life and the stars are properly aligned, you may get some more life out of the transaxle by refilling it with the proper lubricant.

Well all im able to get is 10w30 its says in the manual

And whats the bolt that take a 3/4 ratchet above the drain