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Gear noises

My girlfriend was driving our eclipse going about 110mph and we started smelling the clutch burn. After we got home and the car cooled down we went to the store and now when we go into 4th gear it sounds like an airplane motor almost. So we drove it for awhile and just skipped 4th gear until eventual it wouldn’t drive. I replaced the clutch and it drives fine now but still makes the noise in 4th gear. The gear works still its just loud. What could it be?

at least you know how to remove the trans now. should be easier the 2nd time

Damaged bearing or gear in the transmission. Time for a rebuild!

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Is there enough lube in the transmission? Did you check it when you were searching around?

Did Everyone Miss the 110 mph???


Sis bought a new 1990 accord 4cyl/5spd which easily hit 110 in 4th gear. I tried 5th gear and it still accelerated ok. Was not used to those cars as I never had a Asian car of that era. Bro had a 929 that was even faster.

The 110MPH should not effect the clutch or transmission.


No, ignored it.

Speed alone, however unlawful and reckless, won’t in itself damage the transmission.

Haven’t most of us driven faster than that at some time in our lives?


Rather than rebuilding the transmission, one idea is to not use 4th gear. Get up a little extra speed then shift from 3rd to 5th.

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I accidentally noticed that my Scion can skip gears (but it does have 6). Sometimes I question why it has 6. lol

I frequently skip 3rd and 5th in my 6 speed Kia Forte

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Sometimes it doesn’t seem like I need 5th (and only 3rd if I’m going slow) lol

I think I’ve mainly driven trucks that probably wouldn’t go that fast. Or even if they would I wouldn’t try it. I drove a company van at 75 or 80 (which was actually the speed limit) and I wouldn’t want to go any faster unless it was in a perfectly straight line, because sometimes I had to slow down on curves. lol Now both the Kia Rio and the Scion will probably do it (although I think it’s funny that the Rio speedometer goes up to 140 because I don’t think it will do that) but I’ve only gone up to 100 passing other cars. I don’t intend to find out how fast either one will go. lol

I’d be willing to bet that your manual trans was not up for a high speed run due to low level of gear oil. The lubricant level becomes 10X more critical when you are talking about high speeds…may have been enough lube for putting around/normal driving, but not for high rpm’s.

Have you checked the gear oil level? I am expecting a “No” as a response.

When noise is from the gear itself, it can be from the friction when teeth mesh. … Among peripheral components of a gear , a gearbox is often the cause of noise . In many cases, noise occurs when vibration from a gear transmits to a gearbox, making it vibrate sympathetically.