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Trans help pls!

On a 2007 Ford Mustang v6. The tranny is the 5r55s. I had problems before with my transmission clutch converter solenoid, the trans light came on and the code said that. I got 3 quarts changed on my tranny and it went away. . Then one day 2 months after I Dropped my girlfriend at class and put in park . Took it out of park and put it in D and it rolled back and revd. Put it in 1st and it moved , in second it moved third it slipped into but moved and then around 50mph it’ll go into drive. When it goes into drive it’ll skip 4th and go to 5th. Reverse works as well. I dropped the fluid pan and the fluid didn’t seem bad, it seemed used but not bad. And the magnet had some flakes but see attached image. But the pan hasn’t been opened in about 4 years. I changed the filter and all the fluid today and it’s still doing the same thing. It shifts better but still won’t go into drive. Any help would be appreciated. I’m thinking it’s the solenoid pack but lord knows because shit always goes wrong with the 5455s trannies

Point to the color your transmission fluid looked like.


So it won’t move at all now? hmmm … .ok, try this …First off , check for transmission diagnostic codes, may need to use a Ford scan tool to access those. If none found, let the engine warm up to normal operating temp at idle, then shift between gears while it idles, back a forth for a while, say 30 minutes of shifting. Not rapid shifting, allow a couple of minutes in each gear before shifting again. Then wait for it to cool off, then do the drain/refill again. Check the pan and filter for any unusual debris of course. It takes quite a few drain/refills to replace most of the fluid. The new fluid will have replenished seal conditioner chemicals, which might solve the problem at least temporarily. Whether that works depends on whether the problem is hardened seals, where it might well work, or worn clutch-packs and bands, where it won’t help much.

After that you’d have to take it to a transmission shop to have the various ports measured for their transmission fluid pressure. It takes really high pressures to exert the needed force to effect the shifts on the clutches and bands, so checking those fluid pressures will provide some better clues as to what’s wrong. One major thing that causes the pressures to drop are the seals getting hard & leaking. But failed solenoids could cause it too.

It was the burnt change color

That color along with the metal debris in the image you provided say’s the tranny is done.


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Check out tsb 09 12 12 if you can find a copy. OD/ int band problem caused by servo pin bore wear, leaks, reduced apply pressure.