Trans mount

My trans mount looked bad and I thought perhaps it might have affect on squeak/rattle from my front end. I figured replace it and see. It was separated but weight of trans pushes down on it and it’s mostly rubber. So I don’t think it would make noise?

Looks good to me…what’s your question?


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Wasn’t there a liquid cushion in there at one time? And once the mount separated the engine torquing up and down would likely be rubbing somewhere to make a noise.

All that rust suggests that there is a great deal more damage from corrosion under the car that needs close inspection.

It’s funny. Almost entire mount is rubber coated. Why does rubber get rusty orange? Car looks fine underneath. Rockers are good. It is an 06 which is the newest I’ve had in awhile

I guess yours looks slightly used.

Picture 1

Thanks for the chuckle. :laughing:

I guess this weekend will be spent changing the other mounts? :thinking:

I’d also like to add a comment unrelated to the question. I’ve been reading your posts for some time now, and I want to sincerely compliment you on your unrelenting diligence, willingness to plow into things you’ve not done before, and your desire to learn. In my opinion you’re doing a great job. It’s rare to see someone constantly pushing his boundaries without fear and asking questions without hesitation. I hope you stay on the road you’re traveling. Keep trying keep learning, and never be afraid to ask questions.



Well, it is my 5th car this yr. I got rid of 1, didn’t really care for 2nd, and it just seems to snowball.

Have you checked all of the mounts? The mount on the rear passenger side (engine mount) is notorious for failing even when the others are good.

That WAS a fluid filled mount… long ago, before the crimp rusted apart. Yeah, I think it could cause noise or at least not damp the engine enough so that other stuff causes noises.

I’ll bet it had rubber on it too… long ago. :smile:
The picture gave me a chuckle.

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