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Trans mount deflection

my suv makes a buzz/vibration when i hit a bump/manhole dip with the driver tire. it sounds MUCH more solid when i hit a bump with pass tire. as in NO buzz. i figure its a driver side issue like perhaps a ball joint or maybe a strut mount. i see that the rear trans mount which is on the driver side of the suv

is this and is mounted vertical so the trans pushes down on the rubber. i can use a pry bar and make the load go up about 1/2-3/4" if i try. is that deflection somehow making my driver side noise issue worse? or is it not really part of my problem? i dont really know how much a new mount will deflect under load

Given the amount of void in the upper and lower portions of that mount and the weight on it when installed not surprised you could move it 1/2 to 3/4 inch. That’s how it is designed to move.

just because i can see it does not mean it is easy to change. they are only $25 or so and may help my NVH issue? of course a GM part is not 25. just like the ford mount i got for 100 fixed my issue

If a part is working as-designed and you replace it with another part that’s working as-designed, then the only thing you accomplished was draining your wallet and wasting your time.

You are not here. You cannot say part is working as designed. That it has not collapsed to point of transmitting vibration into cab.

That’s right. We’re going on what you said, which is that you’re getting 1/2 to 3/4 inch deflection on the mount. Looking at the picture of the brand new mount, it’s obvious that’s the expected amount of deflection you will get on a working mount. So unless you are wrong, and you are getting a significantly different amount deflection than you think you are, then replacing the mount will be a waste of time and money because you will still have vibration at the end of it.

…Actually, thinking about it, the deflection should mean you get less vibration. Stiffer mounts = more vibration. I got a free massage chair when I put poly mounts in my MR2.

i changed the ball joint and control arm bushing as they were ordered online and they are cheap. i would say the “noise” issue is better but i still feel something “moving”. there is a bigger mount under the battery tray. that mount is for the top of the trans and the mount i have pictured is for below that area. maybe 1ft away. maybe the battery mount has more impact on my issue?
there are 3 on driver side. low front of motor/trans point, top of trans and bottom/back of trans. and only 1 on the pass side

i have had 2 other vues with the v6 but i only drove 1 for a few months. i had no issue with a similar vibration sensation on those. i am waiting on title from dmv for this equinox so i might drive it for a few months also. it might be ok thru the winter as i dont drive far and awd would be ok. but i dont see keeping it for long

now that i changed my wheel bearing the whine is gone so i can concentrate on other noises now. but today i noticed the quiver/wiggle sensation just as the trans shifted from 2-3. like the motor might be moving during shifts? which may point back to my theory of something moving when i hit bumps. maybe i really do have 1 or more motor/trans mounts that are loose?

loose or worn out…