Motor Mounts, which one?

I am going to buy a cheap 2004 CRV from work. They think it needs a wheel bearing, and it might… However I think the sounds we are hearing is a bad motor mount. When accelerating from a dead stop it makes an odd noise that sounds like a wheel bearing, but it is quiet at speed and while jerking the wheel… There is no weerrweerwerrr… In Drive if you have your foot on the brake, and hit the gas the motor rocks back further than I think it should. After looking at the mounts themselves though, the only one that looks bad is the driver’s side trans mount (near the air box). It looks like the rubber is broken… So If that is my bad mount would the motor still rock, or could I have another bad one somewhere??

Does anyone have a good test to use to find a bad mount??

Thanks in advance !!

Ok more info now that I have driven it some more. It seem to only make the sound when turning left and giving it gas (even a little). It’s not click click and seems to 90% stop when not on the gas. Would a motor or trans mount do this??? The sound is like a rumble, or a low pitch buzzing.

Are you sure it’s not differential whine? CRV differential fluid needs to be changed on schedule, and if not, the differential can make noise in turns.

It’s 2wd, so the diff is part of the trans. And uses ATF fluid. Sounds like it’s coming from the passenger side front.

Motor mounts don’t make any noise. Now a mount that is broken could cause a strange noise.

Yes that is what I am talking about ellyellis, it sounds like when I turn left, maybe the motor shifts and causes its vibration to be felt… Otherwise the car is smooth as silk, and really you would have no idea it had 230,000 on the clock unless you looked