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Broken Strut Mount?

I have a 1999 cadillac Deville that my mechanic says needs a new front strut mount. My symptoms are mostly in cold weather a very slight groan when parking the vehicle or turning into my driveway. It seems like it happens when the steering wheel is on its return back to center and it can be felt slightly in the wheel and heard as the sound a zip tie makes when pulled together with a slight groan. The car has been recently aligned and rides pretty good but sometimes can be a little noisy over bumps. Is there anyone with similar problems and did replacing the strut mount solve the issues? I have read most of the posts and I think thats my problem. Has anyone ever replaced just one? Thanks for any help on this. This is a great site

It wouldn’t surprise me if the upper strut mounts needed replacing. These are large bearings that allow the struts to pivot when the steering wheel is turned. As with any low speed bearing that wears out it can start to groan or creak like an old door hinge.


I would add to Tester’s remarks to just say that replacing one would be a bit nutty just b/c once the strut assembly comes out it would be best to replace the strut as well as the mount. Its one of those things where most of the cost is in the labor. Given that, then you have to do both sides - replacing only one strut is a bad idea. They have to go in pairs.

But I’d also say that if the only symptom you have is a little bit of noise there is no emergency. If you really start to feel it in the steering wheel that’s when its important to move on it.

Much Thanks to both of you. The fact that my mechanic said that I only need to replace the passenger side, he said the drivers side is ok leads me to believe he is not only honest but coupled with ur answers maybe its not a total emergency yet. I did go ahead and get the parts 2pcs the bearing which a big rubber like bushing and the mounting plate. I guess I should just go thru with it then? Thanks again gentlemen and o btw one more question? Would u happen to know where the pcv valve is located on my vehicle? I think I found it just below and to the left of where u put the oil in? Having a hard time confirming its location? Thanks again guys. Great site

This sound and vibration is only an annoyance, my Oldsmobile did this and my dealers service manager told me that he wouldn’t replace a strut on his car just for a noisy mount.My mount wasn’t broken, it was just that rust had caused the metal plate to bind against the rubber cushion. I freed mine up with copious applications from the top of Liquid Wrench with Teflon in it. (Blue can.)

Are these the original struts? If so and you do decide to do it, I’d just mention again that you should just add new struts to what is done. In order to replace the mount, the entire strut assembly comes out of the car and is disassembled. Then it is reassembled with new mounts. You’ll probably be putting brand new mounts onto old struts that are well past their prime. If you later need new struts, all of the labor to remove & disassemble will have to be done all over. Its just one of those “penny-wise pound foolish” kind of things.

On there other hand, as noted, a little noise isn’t a strong reason to do anything.

Are these the original struts? How many miles are on them? You would likely be very happy to get new struts for what it would do for ride & handling.

Thanks Guys I agree that if you are going to go to the trouble to replace the mounts then to be smart with 8ok miles on the car then u might as well replace the whole thing and probably best to do it in pairs. I am going to live with the little noise it creates and replace the entire unit when the time comes. Thanks for all your help everyone.