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Trans Mount Buick Regal

My son is about to purchase his first car. A 98 Buick Park Regal. Feels like it idles rough, and has a little hang-up when it shifts. Seller claims it’s due to needing a transmission mount replaced. Does this sound viable?

No, it sounds like a seller who will say whatever in order to sell a car. So the engine doesn’t run right and the transmission doesn’t shift right? Two strikes already.

I understand your son may not have a big budget for his first car. But this might not be the best option. At the very least, have whatever car he buys checked out by a competent mechanic first. It could save him big repair bills down the road.

BIG +1 for @jesmed1 .

Thanks for your response!
It does run. It actually drives pretty well. It just gives kind of a hiccup when it shifts, and idles rough when it’s in gear, (like at a stop sign).

Well, we checked it out a bit more thoroughly and it was shady for sure. Thanks for the solid advice @Jesmed1.