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99 Buick Regal. When car warms, the transmision shifts hard sometimes. Never when it is cold or before the temp needle is in the center. I was going to put some additive in there but a customer at Pep Boys told me to get my fluid changed. Will that do the trick?

I’d have the fluid changed, especially if it’s never been done before. Have a mechanic do it, not a quick-change place or a chain store.

Forget additives. They don’t solve mechanical problems.

Thank you.

If you really want to figure it out have it serviced at a local shop that specializes in transmission - NOT a chain transmission shop.

They can scan the computer for error codes to see if anything is there, and service the transmission.

If there are any error codes present you can post them here for further opinion/comment.

Has that 1999 Regal ever had the transmission fluid changed?

I would have to guess that many transmission problems are caused by the fluid, specifically by someone who did not change the fluid. I recommend 30-50,000 miles. I would follow cigroller’s advice. Changing the fluid after you start having problems does not often fix it. Changing it sooner has a much better change of preventing it.

I have my oil changed every 3,500, but neglected the transmission because I thought it was supposed to be a permanent fluid. Thanks for the info