Transmission Problem

92 Buick Regal with 4T60 4-Speed automatic.

Occasionaly when stopping, the transmission will act as if it is in neutral. This happens when the shift selector is on overdrive.

By placing the shift selector in neutral then back in drive, the drive will work again.

Changed the fluid, filter and modulator. Cleaned all the electrical connections. Did not help.

Any ideas?


The fix may cost too much anyway. Stop worrying. Buick Regal sounds way better than some names, but it won’t set you back much if it has to go to the crusher. They get 92 Buicks by letting some air out of an old Cadillac anyway.

Don’t exactly know the mileage. The electronic odometer stopped working years ago at 89000+ miles.
Im guessing about 120,000 miles.
After the problem I keep the transmission in Drive (not overdrive) and the problem has not occured since.