1998 ford mustang v6

The transmission when the car gets hot overdrive stop working. someone told me i could drop the pan and replace some silodes which just plug in is this true? and what type of trans is it and what years interchanges with it. thanks

I wouldn’t bet any money on this problem being a solenoid. Your first step, after checking the transmission fluid level, should be to get the car scanned for any codes that may exist.
AutoZone will do this for you free. In the event nothing pans out there get a good independent transmission shop to take a look at it. This does not mean AAMCO, etc.

So how many miles on this car and when, if ever, was the transmission fluid last changed?

The car should use a 4R70W transmission. They’re not that hard to find if you’re considering a used one in case the current one has serious issues.

Take the transmission oil dipstick out and inpsect the oil. It should be pink but clear, and it should have almost no odor. If you smell a kind of burnt smell, you have problems. Either way, replace the fluid and change the screen.
Most often transmssions fail a gear at a time, and you apparently have lost your highest gear. Hopefully this can be rectified by clean new fluid and a new screen. Usually the lower gears go first.

the oil has been changed, but this the tricky part the trans will shift great when it is cool but you get in heavy traffic and then hit the highway it doesnt want to shift into overdrive no noise no anything, let her cool down and it will shift in to overdrive. i have a scanner coming and i have a used trans from a 93 are 95 which i pulled pulled the pan off last nite and there are a couple of soleniods bolted to the value body, i call my loca- adv---- auto parts but the guy did have a clue what i was talking about. so if anyone can shed anymore light please do

i have used trans in my shop it came out of a 1994 stang i pulled the pan off it and there is a block bolted to the value body is the soleniod in question? do you know what years interchanges? and thanks for your input