Trans fluid testing

Recently purchased a 2007 CRV. It’s a real cream puff, single owner, body and interior in like new condition, about 120k miles on it. My problem is there were no maintenance records with it. I have no idea when the trans fluid was last changed,. Upon inspection of the dip stick the fluid appears brand new, Nice red color, no discoloration or smell, no grit felt. My question is can trans shops analyze the fluid to see if it needs changing or a sample sent in, and is the cost equal or more than the cost of a flush/ change. Have had all other fluids (oil, differentials) changed and those also looked like new. All appearances at least lead me to believe it was well maintained.

You want to do this on an 11 year old vehicle?


You pay money for an analyzes and they tell you the transmission is ready to explode, or just drive the vehicle and see if the transmission explodes.

Either way, you’re still replacing the transmission.


I believe Blackstone Labs can test trans fluid too, along with engine oil but you’d have to check. Your CRV though should have a drain plug for the trans, so I’d just change it and pull a sample for analysis just for your own satisfaction. Only use the proper Honda fluid though and follow the instructions for the analysis. They send you the container free with instructions and you send it back with a check. Takes a few weeks.


Do you know the approximate cost by chance?

Looks like $28 for either oil or trans. You contact them and they send you the bottle and the instructions. Then you send it back with the money and they’ll send you an email. I think you pay a couple bucks shipping the sample back (similar to what I used to use for medical specimens so its USPS approved). I’ve only done it once myself when the car hit 100K.

Okay, thanks for the help!