Trans. 1993 chev.s-10

I have a 93 s-10 and I was picking my son up, got on the freeway drove about 3 miles got off the freeway ,went to put it in first no clutch? then when I pulled around the corner(out of traffic) checked whats going on ,got back in and the truck would not start… help.

When you say “…no clutch?”, do you mean that you could not disengage the clutch so you could shift into first or you could engage first but the S10 would not move when the pedal was brought up? When you say “… the truck would not start…”, do you mean the engine would not crank; that the engine would crank but too slow to start; or that the engine would crank at regular speed but not catch?

Help us help you.

When I push the clutch in, engage 1st gear, nothing happens, it feels like a normal clutch engage, and the engine would not even crank over

I at least took care of the starting problem,I put a new battery in. But that is relly funny because as far as I know there was nothing wrong with the battery. How ever, once I did start it up, pressed the clutch in, put it in reverse and let the clutch out , it just sat there and did nothing. I had a friend tell me that the back up lights went on when I put in rev. so I am still at a loss what to do. I can not aFFORD A CLUTCH JOB, IT WILL COST ABOUT 600!

Well, I think your clutch is gone. Or the driveshaft is missing.

Well====== I just checked, and my drive train is still there,so I guess I’m going to have to accept it, Thank you very much for all your help.I am going to tell everyone this is a great site to go to./Rick