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Manual trans help

Hey people, I have a 1992 s10 2.8 5 speed that recently developed a problem. I was having “fun” in it the other day and popped the clutch and well it was anything but fun. It started to go but then died on me and after restarting it it just wouldn’t move, feels like I can shift through all the gears the same it just won’t take off and also when I let my foot off the clutch in gear it won’t die either so I’ve talked to a few people and I’ve just been giving different answered by everyone. HELP ME PLEASE!

If you start it and let it idle in neutral, can you put it in first without stepping on the clutch?

Yes I have tried that and it will feel like I’m putting it in first but still won’t move or anything ugh…

If it only crunches a bit when you shove it into first, and then doesn’t move forward, my thought is that the center has broken out of your clutch disk. I’m sure the more educated folks on here will have other thoughts, so I’d wait to hear from them. Replacing a clutch is a pretty big job.

Cool thanks for the reply! That’s the same thing a mechanic told me is that I probably shattered it lol I’m just hoping it’s not transmission related… is it a possible broken ujoint?

U-joints are visible under the truck. There’s one at each end of the driveshaft. If one is broken you should be able to see that right away. If the differential is broken you couldn’t see it, but the clutch is the most fragile part of the whole system and it’s still my “guess”.

If something in the rear differential is broken, the driveshaft would still turn when you put the truck in gear. So you could check for that. If a u joint is broken, I imagine you’d hear the driveshaft banging around under the truck when put in gear, at least if it’s the rear u joint. Front u joint is a possibility, but the driveshaft would be laying on the ground, so you’d probably notice that.

If you have worn out or broken your clutch, the driveshaft and transmission have to come out to replace it. Also usually the flywheel needs to be replaced or resurfaced.

Having “fun” with a car or truck can be expensive. When I was young, I learned the hard way too.

Well guys after finally being able to crawl under it I think my clutch and tranny are fine, but that driveshaft is just aspinning lol must’ve blew the rear end out of it… no more playing around for me… think I’ll need a complete rear end rebuild?

Sounds like the pinion snapped. A used rear end is not big bucks at junkyard. And not a real hard job. If you like to turn wrenches.

+1, but it could also be the axel between the pumpkin and the wheel snapped (left or right side).
Been there, done that.
If that’s the case, it’s easier - I think - to change those than to do the whole rear end.
Do both, as the the other one might be weakened.

Thanks for all the help guys! How would I diagnose if it were the pinion bearing or between the pumpkin and wheel? Thinking replacing the whole thing might be the way to go

I think you’d be able to tell if the pinion was broken by removing the differential cover and taking a look. Others can chime in. The axle shafts, I’m not sure, other than pulling the axle shafts out, which I believe you’ll have to remove the diff cover in order to do anyway.

It was pretty common on Jeep CJ’s to “spin a hub” on the rear axle if you thrashed on the Jeep. The hub was bolted to the axle shaft if I remember correctly. If you romped on it too much, the nut would back off and allow the axle to spin without turning the wheel. I believe that’s how it worked… Happened to me in a CJ7 with a swapped in 360. I wasn’t in on the repair. I was driving when it happened though. The owner was with me and saw that I wasn’t really hammering it, although I did feel bad. I think the torque of the 360 and t18 “granny low” 4 speed had already loosened that axle nut at some point.

I wonder if the S10 axle shafts are a similar style?

Ok, I looked online and the s10 axle shafts appear to be a one piece design, unlike the Jeep 2 piece design, so forget my babbling about the Jeeps!

lift rear and turn 1 wheel. does other wheel turn opposite way? or not at all? you should feel a different amount of drag while turning each wheel if an axle is broke. i dont know if you have a limited slip or not but a broke axle should not be hard to feel

Do what @Cavell says. A broken pinion will make any rotation “crunchy.”

Good luck finding an axle. Any decent junkyard will have a Hollander Exchange manual that can tell you other years and models that use the same axle assembly as your truck. I’d guess any S-10 up until they stopped making them and also any Blazers - the small one - should fit.

I would have to agree to all of the excellent advice you have already received. As for the break? Where did it occur… Aside from removing diff cover, do as instructed and lift up the rear so both wheels are off the ground. Turn each wheel slowly and back n forth… You should be able to feel a noticeable difference between the two. May be hard to determine if the axle shaft broke midway or if it snapped the splined section off. So I think that diff cover is coming off at some point any way you slice it. Surely you are changing the diff lube at this juncture as well…so…time to spruce up back there.