1991 Chevrolet S-10 won't start

I left lights on, battery went dead. I started it by dropping the clutch. drove 20 miles and then tried to/ start it and it didn’t start. hooked up jumper cables and it still wont start. whats the problem

You have killed the battery, completely and it might not come back. If you can’t jump it, try hooking it to a battery trickle charger overnight and see if it starts all by itself in the morning. If it doesn’t you need a new battery.

I just put a new battery in it a month ago. So initially I dropped the clutch to start it, and then drove 30 minutes on the highway. The battery is charged backed up. And I tried jumping it again and 2 times it was making a very fast clicking sound, but now its just doing nothing when I turn the key. But all my lights and radio comes on, so id say the battery is fine

Sounds like a battery gone. The truck is nearing 30 years old. Did you purchase it new? I have a neighbor with a 1988 Nissan pickup that he purchased new. It has 44,000 original miles, has been well maintained and looks and runs like new. I don’t know how many batteries it has gone through.

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The interior lights don’t draw much current, so I’d say you don’t realy know for sure. A battery too dead to start the truck might still light the lights. What voltage reading are you getting off the battery?

Don’t own a voltmeter? You probably won’t be able to “guess” yourself a repair without one. There is no way to tell if the starter, starter solenoid or alternator have failed without a volt-ohm meter. Head on down to Harbor Freight and buy one. If you own one, tell me what battery voltage you read without trying to start anything.

Remove the bolt from positive battery terminal to see if it looks like this.

Then look at the terminal itself to see if looks like this.

If you see any of this, replace the positive battery cable assembly.