1995 S10 w/ manual trans. won't start

We have a 1995 S10 w/ a manual transmission. Our daughter had borrowed it and drove it to the store. She came out and it would not start. She tried every thing she could think of, and then tried to get it rolling and pop the clutch. Nothing. My husband and I went and tried it. No key buzzer, no dash lights, nothing. We tried a battery booster, but got nothing, another person came and we tried jumping it. That time we at least got dash lights (the ones you get when you turn your key on). Husband also tried to pop the clutch. Nothing. Got it towed to the shop. They said they could find nothing wrong, but after they charged the battery, it started just fine. Drove it home, drove it a few more times. Went to start it and nothing. Thought it might be the battery, so we replaced it. Still nothing. Thought it might be that switch keeps the car from starting if the clutch pedal isn’t pushed all the way down, so my husband mashed the clutch a couple times and it started. Went to start it the next time and nothing. Smashed that clutch pedal down hard, thinking that might help, still nothing. Husband came out and tried, still nothing. Any ideas?

Remove both battery cables from the battery. On the positive cable, peel back the red rubber cover to expose the terminal connections for the battery. If a white/green powdery looking substance is found, that’s corrosion causing a poor connection from the battery.

Clean the corrosion from the terminals and reconnect the cables to the battery. If the problem still continues then replace the positive battery cable assembly.


Adjust or replace the clutch pedal switch.

Mashing the clutch pedal (not really a good idea) worked once, so that might be it, but continued mashing won’t help. The switch needs to be correctly adjusted, assuming it still works, or replaced.

Since the vehicle is a 1995, I suggest replacing the clutch switch.

The “no key buzzer, no dash lights,” etc, suggests other electrical problems. Since you replaced the battery it might be loose or corroded electrical connections.

If the battery is new and you still don’t have dash lights, check the cables for continuity, and check the connections at both ends.

We have the dash lights (and key buzzer) since replacing the battery, but still no rolling over of the engine. Which is why I thought it might be the switch. Is that hard to replace? Will we need to get it towed (again) to the shop for this, or is it an easy mechanical fix? My husband is handy with a wrench, but has gotten to the age he doesn’t like to mess with much, if its too much work. As in if he has to lie on the ground, it goes to the shop.