Front Contrl Arm

I was told that my rear Bushing on RT front control arm had separated from arm

OK, Do you have a question?

What is it and why did it happen on a 5 year old car with only 4,000 miles and is it serious?

Any control arm problem is serious and should be repaired. I have a question though.
The car is 5 years old so is this 4k miles a typo?
If the 4k miles is correct did you buy this car brand new, as in 4 or 5 miles on it?

I Read That You Were Told That Your Rear Bushing On Rt Front Control Arm Had Separated From Arm.

What Model-Year is this Cobalt, a 2006 ?


I purchased it new and have driven it 4,000 miles, no typo


If you don’t trust whomever gave your this diagnosis get a second opinion.

It would be unusual at this age & mileage, but stranger things happen.

Just ask the shop to show it to you and explain what the control arm is. It is basically the thing, along with associated parts, that connects your whole front wheel/steering/suspension to the rest of the car.

I have never seen this happen nor have I heard of it but nothing is impossible. Who told you this? Could it be a scammer mechanic?

I’m at a loss on this one if what you are being told about the bushing is true. At 4k miles there is no way a problem like this should exist.

The only thing I can figure is that there was a manufacturing flaw in which the bushing did not fit tight from the time the car was built. Another scenario (varies based on how the bushing separated) would be if some type of chemical got on the rubber in the bushing and caused it to rot prematurely.

With only 4k miles on the car my feeling is that you should contact Chevrolet (regional office might be better) and ask them if they could perform a Good Will warranty on this.
A GW warranty is purely discretionary but it’s worth a try.
If the car had 40k miles I’d say no but with a measly 4k miles they should do this without question; at least in my opinion.

There Is A TSB Covering 05 - 09 Cobalt Rear Bushings On Front Control Arms. Some Rubber Bushings Come Out Of Their Steel Sleeves And Allow Contact Between The Arm And Body.

The fix is a new control arm bushing if the rubber bushing has moved out of its steel sleeve. Road salt is said to make this problem more prevalent.


Thanks for explanation, they gave me a goodwill warranty

  CSA, Thanks for the info, they gave me a goodwill warranty, though did not mention TSB on my '05.  Lots of winter salt here.