Trailblazer trans

Got an 05 trailblazer with bad trans. No 3rd or 4th gear. All experts say the 4l60e trans is same as Tahoe/silverado. I see that used Tahoe trans are priced higher than the fairly rare trailblazer trans. Supply and demand? If they are the same, why is there a price difference? I am leaning towards a rebult trans. Used with 125k miles is $400 while rebuilt is $700. U can certainly spend 1500-2000 for super duty units. But our TB will never tow and we will probably sell it in 2yrs.

I would get the correct 4L60E for your Tralblazer, NOT the one for the Tahoe

While both are 4L60E, the gear ratios might be different

Talked to trans shop. They said both trans are same. Use same overhaul kit. I did wonder bout gear ratios. Used trans are easy to find.

Why not do a rebuild and call it a day?

What has been done for diagnosis? When you say “No 3rd or 4th gear” do you mean it hits the shift point and neutrals out? Or do you mean that it just stays stuck in 2nd second and will never shift past that or try to?

If you’re just stuck with second and it won’t upshift, you might just be in limp mode and that can be caused by a lot of things. Some of those things don’t have anything to do with the transmission itself.

1-2 is fine. no shift to 3rd. goes to neutral if you keep driving. reverse is fine. seller said 2 shops agreed it was “broken band”. do not know if pan was dropped. i am yanking trans. going to pull pump and drum and inspect 3-4 clutch pack. maybe 3-4 piston seal is bad also? this will be my 3rd trans job on 3 cars in 3 yrs. i am getting better. last 2 were fwd cars. truck is better logistics wise. since 3-4 clutch failure is so common on 4l60e trans, i am leaning towards that

Just saw your post over @ Trailvoy- that would be my recommendation to ask over there. I seem to recall someone saying there was something slightly different about the TB trans but could be mistaken…TrailVoy has some very knowledgeable folks there and will likely know for sure.

Sort of 2 questions. Are Tahoe/TB trans different? Why are used TB trans cheaper than Tahoe trans? And than major, huge question. What is broke in trans. How do I fix that? There is also a subset of trailvoy owners who hotrod the 5.3 V8 and abuse the “wimpy” 4l60e trans. Those folks spend much money and time trying to beef up the trans. Over and above simple repairs.
Trailvoy hi to @TwinTurbo

Got an offer of $1k more than I paid. As-is.

Take the money and run

Don’t look back

Did not buy it to flip it. My kid needs it. They want a Tahoe but this came along. I drove it around neighborhood today. Sure is smooth. 1-2 shift/rev is nice. Am curious to pull guts and see what’s up. Its the ext model. 4 wheel disc, 17" rims, sunroof, 3rd row seats, 4wd of course.


I’m confused . . .

You said the truck has a transmission problem, which is going to be costly to resolve

You had ideas about installing an Tahoe transmission, to save money

We changed your mind

You said somebody offered more than you paid for it

It sure sounded like you were asking for our advice on whether to take the money and come out ahead

If that wasn’t the case, why did you even mention the offer to buy the truck?

Seven hundred dollars sounds awful cheap for a rebuilt transmission. That price is likely for one that has gotten a “soft” rebuild; meaning clutches/seals only and no updates, solenoid packs, or hard parts.

Why wait 2 years to sell it? If someone was offering me a grand more as is then it would be gone.
In 2 years time a lot could happen and that Tahoe could even up bringing even far less than you gave for it.

An EXT? Does it have the V8 too??
I spent a long time looking for one of those for my second TB. No luck. Had to settle for another I6 LS. That truck has a lot of potential, I would fix it…



My kid is moving a good distance. They have a sedan that is getting old. We decided getting rid of sedan and buying a Tahoe would be a good solution. A rental trailer is much cheaper than rental truck with 1 way fee added on. They would rent truck and still have to deal with ancient sedan too. I came upon the TB with a bad trans and my thought process was, buy it cheap and put in good trans. The $1k offer was just an aside. I know, fixed, it is worth about twice what we paid. The TB is 6yrs newer than sedan and has less miles. Does not mean it is better. But it might be

Standard wheelbase?