Interchange vs Non-Interchange 4L60E Transmission Replacement

Greetings all,

I recently purchased a 2005 Buick Rainier that won’t go into 3rd gear (engine revs). It was run out of transmission fluid and I am assuming it burnt up the rear clutch pack.
Looking through car-part I see that the 4L60E has a lot of interchange options.
The transmission is available from another 05 Rainier, but I have to drive 100 miles to get it.

Is there a compelling reason to go with the Buick specific transmission or is it OK to get a unit from the interchange list?

This is a rather simple question that can’t be answered by just anyone. I appreciate any help offered

Personally, if I had the option to get a model specific match to my own vehicle, I’d drive the 100 miles to get it.

The other transmissions “may” interchange just fine, but why take a chance? 100 miles isn’t that long of a drive.

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The one from a 2005 is used and not a rebuilt correct. I would pay the price for a rebuilt unit with some kind of warranty .


I’m just anybody but I’d never go through the expense of a trans replacement with a used one.

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A Buick Rainer is a Chevrolet Trailblazer that is sold at Buick dealers, the powertrains are the same.

A remanufacture transmission cost $2700, used is $900, depends on your budget.

I had to remove a transmission twice for my rebuilder to get it right. I never had a problem with a used transmission.


The 4L60-E was used in many RWD GM cars and all of their RWD small trucks in the 1990s and 2000s including Silverados, Suburbans, Yukons, and Tahoes. There should be a ton of them available.

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The 4L60E for a Rainer is the same one used in Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy , Olds Bravada , and the Izuzu Ascender . All are the same vehicle with just different front and back ends .

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Thanks all, I think I got my answer (not to worry about interchange differences, if they exist)

The transmissions on these vehicles (Trailblazer/Envoy/Rainier) are easy to tear out/slap together… its not like working on a subcompact where everything is super tight. I can get a used 4L60E transmission with 120K miles in my area for $500. A certified rebuilt transmission is roughly $3000 plus $1400 install.

That means, since I am doing my own work, I can replace the unit a few times with no worries.

Heck, I can rebuild the original for about $300 and I have a backup waiting, just in case.

It’s a bit higher risk, but I’m OK with the possible outcomes.

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