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2002 TrailBlazer hard crank

2002 Chev trailblazer, I have had the throttle body cleaned… Sometimes after short stops, my vehicle will not crank, some times I have to step on the gas several times and it will finally crank, it sets no codes, no check engine lights come on. If it sits overnight, or for more than 20 minutes it cranks right up.! Help! No money to buy new car, and I use this vehicle for my job.

You need to figure out if it’s spark or fuel related. Have you tried shooting starting fluid into the intake, when it does not start,???

Clean and check connections on starter motor, and battery, and have the battery tested for free at auto parts store for probable replacement.

The problem is hard START. Cranking is when the starter motor turns over the engine.

Your truck is throttle by wire. Like all fuel injected vehicles, the gas pedal does very little to change starting conditions. Even less in your truck because there is no direct mechanical linkage to the throttle plate.

However, it does have the common feature where if you press the gas pedal to the floor and hold it there while cranking, it tells the computer to stop injecting fuel. This can help isolate hot soak fuel flooding issues.

Next time it happens, press gas to floor and hold it there. Don’t pump the pedal! Then try starting. Let us know if that has any effect…